Antibiotic reduction programs


The Spanish National Plan against Antibiotic Resistance in collaboration with Spanish animal industry and taking into account all the antecedents related to the consumption of antibiotics in some food producing animals sectors, has created sixprograms aiming to Reduce the Use of Antibiotics in pigs, rabbits, poultry, bovines, sheep and goats.

programs summarize the following points:


  • The main objective of the Program is to reduce the consumption of antibiotics. The reduction is established in sections and depending on the species.


  • The specialized veterinarians and farmers are voluntarily adhered to the program.
  • The consumption data is being declared every six months by a web-application.

Data collection

Animal (sub)categories: Pigs, rabbits, poultry, bovines, sheep and goats of the farms that belong to the programs.

Input: Vets will be responsible for every six months declaring the veterinary antibiotic consumption by a web-application.

Analysis, benchmarking and reporting

AMU will be calculated as mg/PCU. Benchmarking and reporting are done every six months and a report is published with the comparison in time, by antibiotic and animal species.