Bigame is an online platform developed by ARSIA asbl and AWE that aims to collect and integrate various animal health related information at farm level, including data on AMU. Though being principally available to all Belgian farmers, its primary target are Walloon dairy and beef cattle farmers. It’s a voluntary system, currently reaching < 0,1% farms in the sector.

Data collection

Animal subcategories:  The system has the possibility to detail the specific age of the animal.

Input: Input is done by the veterinarian. Data input can be automatic (software-to-software) or manual. The animal occupation numbers used in the calculation of the indicator are obtained from the governmental database SANITEL. The system allows to link AMU to an individual animal in the farm.


AMU is calculated as mg used and can be normalised by a standard animal weight at treatment.


Results of each farm is compared to similar results of all farms that are using the system.


Farmers have access to their results through the online portal.