National database of veterinary antibiotic prescriptions


In the context of the Spanish National Plan against Antibiotic Resistance, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment in collaboration with the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices has defined a policy for the development of a database, which will collect data on consumption of antibiotics in Spain and which is set to start at the beginning of 2018. It will include data on all the antibiotics prescribed to all food producing animals.

Data collection

Animal subcategories:  The collection of data will include the species (food producing animals), age, weight, veterinarian and farm data and diagnosis.

InputVets will be responsible for periodically declaring the veterinary antibiotic prescriptions. The PRAN recommends the use of different electronic prescription systems to make the declaration of prescriptions, and in this way facilitate the obtaining of information.

Analysis, benchmarking and reporting

AMU will be calculated as mg/Population Correction Unit (PCU). Benchmarking and reporting are currently not planned.

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