National database of veterinary antibiotic prescriptions


In the context of the Spanish National Plan against Antibiotic Resistance, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has defined a policy for the development of a database, for collecting data on consumption of antibiotics in Spain, PRESVET, and having started at the beginning of 2019.  Veterinarians have the legal obligation to provide information on all the antibiotic prescriptions made for production animals in Spain.

Data collection

Animal (sub)categories: Only the species (food producing animals) needs to be provided. PRESVET is connected with other national databases that record the data of all farms in Spain. From the farm code provided by veterinarians (see below), the animal categories and type of production on farms can be established for purpose of data analysis. Data  up to 150 different categories of animals are stored in the database. So it is possible to distinguish among dairy farms, fattening and meat farms in all species.

Input: Vets are responsible for declaring every month the veterinary antibiotic prescriptions. They have to report the number of packages prescribed if the medicinal product is a pharmaceutical form, and in case of medicated feed, the medicated feed amount in kg has to be reported as well as premix dosage. Other data are required to be communicated as well in both cases: the farm code, the animal species, the region, date of prescription, type of medicinal product, national code and if the prescription is ordinary or an exceptional one.


Mg/PCU is the unit of measure for antibiotic use. With the information provided of number of packages in pharmaceutical forms and the national code of medicinal products, PRESVET calculates the amount of mg in each prescription. In medicated feed prescriptions the amount of mg is calculated with the kg of feed, the premix dosage and the national code provided in each prescription. The unit of PCU is calculated with ESVAC weights and with the category and number of animals in each farm. PRESVET can provide monthly consumption reports for each farm.

Benchmarking and reporting

Benchmarking and reporting are currently not planned.

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