Q Vet - pig


Private subjects project – selected pig farms (2016, 2017).

Data collection

Animal (sub)categories: Three weight categories are distinguished: weaners, finishers, sows.

Input: Through an online database. Responsible person nominated in farm can log in.


The dose-based unit of measurement ADD (animal daily dose; defined per product at the active substance level) is used to calculate the indicator ADD per 100 animals per day. Statistics comparing to previous period (e.g. one year).

Benchmarking and reporting

One threshold value is defined per each category (weaners, finishers, sows), to which the average ADD/100 animals/day calculated over the time frame is referenced. Same system as used in DK for pigs. Reports are available for the owners of the farm/individual husbandries in the holding. Benchmarking comparisons (with others farms) is done anonymously (using codes).