Swedish Poultry Meat Association


From 2011, the Swedish Poultry Meat Association (SPMA) requests their members to report all treatments of broilers, parents and grandparents as part of the Poultry health control programme. It covers > 95% of the commercial poultry meat production.

Data Collection

Animal subcategories: differentiation between grandparents, parents and production animals is made. Producers are responsible for submitting antibiotic use data. Vets are obliged to report to the SBA. The number of flocks treated is recorded.


Indication based AMU is reported as the number of treated flocks per total number of flocks.

Benchmarking & Reporting

Farm-level benchmarking is not performed because of very low treatment incidence but data are reported to the SBA and to the National Veterinary Institute (SVA) and summary data are published in the yearly report Swedres-Svarm.

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