The Project was established by the Suisag Organisation, a service centre for pig producers in collaboration with the porcine sanitary service. Preliminary and pilot studies took place in the years 2014 and 2015. Start of the system is planned for January 1st, 2018. The herd coverage is estimated at 80 to 100% (20% in the pilot phase).

Data collection

Animal subcategories: Piglets, weaners, fatteners and sows.
Input: Producers/Farmers are responsible for submitting data via electronic treatment journal. Data submitted are age group, number of animals treated, weight of animals treated, duration of treatment, amount of product, number of pigs housed on farm.


DCDvet[1]/animal/year; proportion of pigs treated/year (animal treatment index; factorisation of less desirable preparations). Proportion of pigs treated per year; factorisation of critical antibiotics or products (such as HPCIA, triple-combination-products).

Benchmarking & Reporting

This is planned. Thresholds as well as factors concerning critical ingredients and products will be determined by stakeholders (farmer, veterinarians, government, and university) in corporate action.