The monitoring has started in 2016 involving a panel of volunteer farmers (n = 40 in 2017) and is run by the French livestock institute (IDELE) in cooperation with ANSES. 

Data collection

Animal subcategories: fattening veal calves < 6 months from specialized farms.

Input:  For each farm, the veterinary records and the farm health register are analysed by IDELE and ANSES.

The veterinarian has to provide the antimicrobial product sold and the number of units sold for each batch. The farmer has to provide, for each antimicrobial treatment, the number of treated animals, the antimicrobial name, the start date of of treatment, the daily dosage, administration frequency and duration of treatment, and the intention of treatment.
The farmers provide the number of animals, theirentrance age in the farm and their particular breed.


For each batch, the number of antimicrobial treatments per calf, the number of antimicrobial treatment days per calf, the total quantity of active ingredient per calf and the Animal Level of Exposure to Antimicrobials (ALEA, obtained by dividing the number of course doses by the biomass of the animal population potentially treated) are calculated.


No benchmarking is performed up to now.


Each veterinarian and each farmer receive their own results.